Frequently Asked Questions

0. Where can I find my ads?

Your ad will appear on the Facebook News Feeds of your target users. For example, if a restaurant owner targets people in San Francisco, the ad will appear on the News Feeds of the foodies in San Francisco between different status updates, creating a seamless and powerful user experience.

1. How much does AdHusky cost?

We offer a trial package of $9 for first time users. Continue on with our basic package to confirm that Facebook advertising works for your business. All campaign packages run for one week. 
We also offer long-term packages for $17 (2 weeks) and $43 (5 weeks) for recurring customers, along with premium package options ($45, $90) to reach a wider audience.

2. Are there any hidden fees?

No. Your payment to AdHusky will cover all the costs for your ad campaign.

3. How long does AdHusky run the ads?

The standard packages (trial, basic and premium) run for one week. After we optimize and publish your ad, you will get an e-mail from us confirming when the ad starts and when the ad ends. 
Recurring customers have the option of choosing a 2-week ($17) or a 5-week ($43) package.

4. Can I check how many people have viewed the ad?

We provide results such as views and the number of clicks once the ad campaign ends. We are currently updating the system so that you can track campaign progress in real time.

5. My business does not have a Facebook Page. Can I still run an ad on Facebook?

It is Facebook’s policy to link your advertisement to your Facebook Page (previously known as public profiles or fan pages). This also makes your ad more effective! Contact us ( if you have any questions about creating a Facebook Page for your business.

6. Can you describe the process so that I can understand what I am getting?

Let's say you pay $9 to use our trial package. You will get an automated confirmation e-mail titled "Payment Confirmation” (If you don't receive the confirmation e-mail or if you need help with giving us the permission to access your Facebook Page, e-mail us at 
Once we receive your permission, the ad will begin running within one working day. We require one working day since our Facebook ad specialist optimizes your ad to maximize its efficiency. You will receive an e-mail with your ad schedule. 
When your ad campaign is complete, you will receive a final e-mail from us with how many people viewed your ad and how many people visited your website. You will also have the option to continue using our service and switch package options.

7. Will I be able to view the ad that I created on Facebook?

Your ad will appear on the Facebook News Feeds of people in your target location who may be interested in your service. If you happen to be part of your specific target audience and depending on your purchased package’s campaign budget, you may see the ad.

8. How does the dashboard work?

The dashboard is activated once you start a campaign. You won't see anything until you purchase one of our packages.
Once you've purchased a package you will see one of the following status:

If you see a status not listed above, please let us know.

9. I am not happy about the results. What is your refund policy?

Facebook ads are comparatively effective. But it may not always meet your expectations. Our recommendation is to test it first with our trial package. You can safely assume that you multiply results 5X with the basic package ($45), and 10X with the premium package ($90).